Pre-School Room

Sunflower room

for 24 children aged 3-5 years

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Sunflower children have access to three large rooms. Each room is designed to stimulate different areas of development for example the construction room encourages the children to use their imagination, whilst also enriching their language and fine motor skills. Sunflower room has immediate access to a large outside play area.

Practitioners devise planning following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework offering a high standard of quality care using a variety of resources to develop skills and learning in all of the seven key learning areas. Themes are developed following the children’s interests and activities are planned to challenge their natural ability. Children are encourage to develop independent skills by making choices, self-serving at lunchtime and extend their personal hygiene skills in preparation for school.

Qualified, experienced staff support children and help them to gain confidence to give them the very best start as they prepare for ‘big school’.

Our Pre-school room works on a staff ratio of 1 adult to 8 children.

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“Children are learning the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. They enjoy healthy and nutritious snacks and engage in outdoor energetic play.”
Ofsted 2023


The sunflower room (pre-school) has free flow access to our newly renovated garden. We want our children to develop confidence, independence and resilience as they explore their outdoor play area. Our mud kitchen area allows the children to experience and enjoy the natural environment which is scientifically proven to have a major impact on overall health and well-being.

The outdoor space encourages children to explore, climb and take risks in a controlled environment, with access to water and sand play, bikes and scooters to promote good physical development.



Our nursery offers swimming lessons for children over the age of three years with a qualified instructor at Tarleton academy swimming pool. If your child does not attend on swimming day they may still be able to join the lesson, but children who do attend that day will be given priority.

Swimming is lots of fun, particularly for young children who enjoy getting in the water and splashing around. What’s more, the self-esteem your child will gain from swimming can help them develop a positive attitude towards sports and other physical activities. Even better, the confidence your child will gain in the water becomes helpful in social interactions later in life.

Learning how to swim is something your children will cherish and utilise all their life.